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What is SAHYOG?

SAHYOG, a first-of-its-kind initiative in an Indian law school, finds its roots in the principle of access to justice for all. One of the ways to realise this constitutional goal is to provide pro bono services

SAHYOG proposes to ease the burden of lawyers, who take up pro bono cases, by connecting them to student researchers. It provides a platform to both lawyers and students to ensure better access to justice through mutual cooperation.

Our objective is to contribute to legal assistance as a vital community resource, which can allow socially and economically disadvantaged individuals to access the law in a meaningful manner.

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My experience of working with Sahyog's Research Assistants was enriching. I found their assistance to be timely and backed by meticulous research.
Arjun Natrajan, Lawyer ()
“SAHYOG is a great platform for getting legal minds together for a common good. It is beneficial for both law students, who get to work on real time problems, and lawyers, who are constantly in need of good researchers. I wish it all the success in the future!”
Mr.Suhail Malik, Partner, Veritas Chambers Law Offices ()
The research assistants allocated to me by SAHYOG were extremely well equipped to take on the heavy research work and even prepare high quality preliminary drafts/ first drafts which proved to be quite useful. I was impressed with their understanding of criminal law, since it helped in discussing complex issues and developing arguments for the pro bono cases we worked on as a Team. These efforts of SAHYOG certainly increase the quality of pro bono work being carried out by various organisations and individual lawyers. Therefore, I strongly believe that this initiative of SAHYOG must be encouraged and continued going forward. I look forward to this continued association of SAYOG.
Simon Benjamin ()

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