My experience of working with Sahyog's Research Assistants was enriching. I found their assistance to be timely and backed by meticulous research.

Arjun Natrajan, Lawyer

The research assistants allocated to me by SAHYOG were extremely well equipped to take on the heavy research work and even prepare high quality preliminary drafts/ first drafts which proved to be quite useful. I was impressed with their understanding of criminal law, since it helped in discussing complex issues and developing arguments for the pro bono cases we worked on as a Team. These efforts of SAHYOG certainly increase the quality of pro bono work being carried out by various organisations and individual lawyers. Therefore, I strongly believe that this initiative of SAHYOG must be encouraged and continued going forward. I look forward to this continued association of SAYOG.

Simon Benjamin

“Rainbow Warriors and Goyant Kollso Naka are very grateful for all the research done by the Sahyog Legal Research Cell of NUJS College. Even though we have been working long distance, our Sahyog team has been very prompt and thorough with their research. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and hopefully in the near future meeting face to face.”

Deepika D’Souza, Secretary, Goyant Kollso Naka

“SAHYOG is a great platform for getting legal minds together for a common good. It is beneficial for both law students, who get to work on real time problems, and lawyers, who are constantly in need of good researchers. I wish it all the success in the future!”

Mr.Suhail Malik, Partner, Veritas Chambers Law Offices

“I was extremely happy to get support from the Sahyog team member Rajarshi Roy in drafting a bail application for a labourer at a construction site accused of offence under Section 408/411/34 IPC in District Court Saket, Delhi. Rajarshi was able to produce an excellent draft overnight and we managed to file the bail application in the morning on 09.12.2019 and secure the bail by afternoon. Team Sahyog is a novel venture in the legal aid movement by providing quick and quality support to issues and people in need. Keep up the good work.”

Akshat Bajpai, Lawyer, Delhi

"The SAHYOG project provides a great bridge between smart and dedicated students who want to work towards amplifying access to justice and human rights work that requires critical and timely research. It is great that law students have come up with this project and I think a lot of students as well as lawyers will benefit from this unique initiative. I have found the turnaround time with the students to be very quick and have got useful and good research."

Surabhi Dhar, Criminal Lawyer, Delhi

“The SAHYOG team provided research support on an assignment pertaining to laws relating to sexual harassment and sexual abuse in workplaces and educational institutions. Today, I myself have co-founded a non-profit initiative “Rohaa” with Vishnu Shriram, an alumnus of NUJS, and both Vishnu and I admire SAHYOG’s support. Working with the SAHYOG team has been enriching. Their commitment to the project right from filing RTIs, undertaking challenging research, attending long calls and timely task-completion is impressive. The work related to challenging key provisions of socially sensitive legislation, and the team was both sincere and passionate in their approach to the issues. At a time where well paying internships with law firms and corporates is the norm, SAHYOG’s concept of providing legal research for a cause, is truly refreshing. The fact that their team balances work with their demanding academic commitments, is laudable. Wishing them the best!”

Ms. Prageeyaa Khanna, Co-founder, Rohaa

“Our experience with SAHYOG has been amazing. They respond promptly to the research requests. The research assistants are not only adept at research skills but are also keen learners. They interact and ask questions in order to better understand the research topic assigned. They follow guidelines and deadlines given to them. We have been very happy and completely satisfied by their performance. The Research notes prepared by them and the reference material collated by the research assistants reflected great precision in content and presentation of information. The research was found to be of a very high caliber and extremely useful. We look forward to continuing our association with them. Kudos to the team!”

Justice Ventures International

A blend of professionalism, efficiency and genuine interest in the project assigned makes the SAHYOG team stand out. We, at iProbono, hope to continue working with this dedicated group of students at SAHYOG.

Mariam Faruqi South Asia Regional Director, iProbono

"Sahyog gave me an opportunity to understand how various facets of the legal system worked. I learnt how to file RTI's, collect and analyse data. It allowed me to work with a lawyer who actively works towards bettering the lives of women and children. I learnt to think out of the box and apply what I had learnt in the classroom to the real world. It gave me the opportunity to interact with Ms. Prageeya Khanna and learn from her as well."

Aastha Madan Grover, Batch of 2024

"SAHYOG was my first research experience. I worked on empirical research regarding sexual harassment guidelines and redressal mechanisms in higher educational institutions. The flexible schedule and independence of method that Prageeya ma'am allowed us helped me learn in my own time. SAHYOG offers a variety of projects of varying levels of skill and commitment, which means that you can choose whatever best suits your skill set and availability of time. This helped me understand efficient research techniques which have served me well with my academic and extracurricular commitments and given me the space to explore what fields of law excite me."

Adya Bajpai, Batch of 2024

"Working with SAHYOG over the past academic year has been a privilege and an enriching experience. It has provided me with an incredible opportunity to work and interact with professionals in their domains in my First year of college itself. The practical experience in dealing with real problems, legal research and things like filing an RTI in the correct form but at the correct jurisdiction and office is something that I know will help me in my legal career."

Atri Mandal, Batch of 2024

"I joined Sahyog as a research assistant last year as a 1st year. Even while being a fresh initiative, it's safe to say that working for Sahyog was one of the most fulfilling and enriching experiences. Not only was the hands on experience I got unparalleled, but it had the added satisfaction of having done my bit for the legal fraternity. I worked on POCSO and POSH legislations, both of which are very pertinent in the current context"

Priyam Mittal, Batch of 2024

"MMy experience of working with SAHYOG has been an enriching journey. The project provided me with an opportunity to gain insight into sexual harassment laws and their application across India. Being involved in research work that would be useful for practical purposes has made me realise my ability of making a social impact."

Navya Bhayana, Batch of 2024

"I am glad to have been a part of this wonderful initiative and the enriching experiences to which I was exposed by working on Pro-bono matters with SAHYOG. During my tenure of one year, I worked extensively on the POCSO Act, the lacunae in its implementation and the scenario pertaining to it in our country. I am hopeful that the experience I gained by working not only on the specific issue but also research in general will be helpful for me in my future endeavours.I wish the team of SAHYOG all the very best for their upcoming projects."

Samarth Sansar, Batch of 2023

"Aatmik Jain, Batch of 2023 Working with SAHYOG has been an excellent experience. The work has been diverse, ranging from providing assistance on constitutional and criminal litigation matters to a research project in association with iProbono and the International Justice Mission. It has offered me exposure from outside the realms of law school, and provided the satisfaction that comes with doing pro bono work."

Aatmik Jain, Batch of 2023

"Being associated with SAHYOG over the past year has been a humbling and enriching experience. The initiative works towards providing justice to various communities and assisting legal organizations on pro bono cases. While the initiative sufficiently incentivizes law students to be a member of the initiative, it also provides the students with necessary legal knowledge and work experience. The opportunity to assist lawyers and firms has expanded and diversified my understanding of various legal issues. The initiative has also been one of a kind by allowing students to garner work experience while attending college. Within one year of its inception, SAHYOG has achieved immensely in its pursuit of providing access to justice for all and with the passage of time, it will only grow further and further."

Devansh Raheja, Batch of 2023

"Working with Sahyog has been an enriching experience. I am glad to have been a part of this wonderful initiative which provided me with an opportunity to work on Pro-bono matters. In the past one year, I have researched extensively on the sexual harassment laws and policies which further enhanced my knowledge on this area. I am certain that the knowledge and experience that I have gained will help me in the long run."

Sriharsh Raj, Batch of 2023

"Being associated with Sahyog as a research assistant has been a great learning experience for me . It not only allows you to contribute to the society and improve your research and editing skills but also teaches you soft skills such as team work & time management which goes a long way in your making."

Sidharth Pankaj Tiwari, Batch of 2023

"Being a part of Sahyog has been extremely fulfilling. I often wondered how I could use the social value of a degree in law to give back to the society – and Sahyog helps me do just that. I have managed to put my education into practical use by being involved in cases that actually help people, and Sahyog gets the full credit for this opportunity."

Komal Israni, Batch of 2022

"My experience with the Sahyog Project has been nothing short of great! Adya and Dakshita handled the project with great efficiency and made sure that all of us were allotted the subject area of law based on our interest. Through this project I got the opportunity to learn the nuances of Sexual Harassment Laws and Policies in India and abroad."

Eesha Kalra, Batch of 2022

"Working at SAHYOG was a great experience, and it provided reassurance that there is more to law school than the conventionally hyped corporate law firm culture. Working on SAHYOG's pro bono matters helped me gain insight into the practical manifestation of the legal principles we study about at college. It was a gratifying experience to know that our work actually helps to solve the problems of real people and contributes towards ensuring that these people get justice."

Aditi Vasani, Batch of 2021

"Working with Sahyog was quite beneficial in a way that it helped me connect with lawyers and organisations across the country. I primarily researched for Mr. Adit Pujari, who is a criminal lawyer and the issues were contemporary and we were constantly kept in loop about the work that was happening"

Aastha Sharma, Batch of 2021

"The ability to contribute to pro bono legal work even before becoming a lawyer was an enriching experience for me. My association with SAHYOG also helped me get a better understanding of practical issues which would not have been possible simply through academic learning."

Roma Bhojani, Batch of 2020